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they have passed here
every morn lo thirty years
in the winter each breath
unfurls a flag of moistened mist
in the summer flapping loose their
ragged shorts and thin worn slippers
nary give a nod a neighbor for
better friends there attached by leashes
them the same never mindful of the season

            ~ ~ ~


clothed in darkness

slippers stead of sandals

the dew yet wet upon the lawn

gray hair rustles without her comb

paces direct ahead save

an alerting gaze askance a chance

another may she encounter

back home

seeing none save her paper awaits

to find the news of Yesterday

               ~ ~ ~


her story bare begun

quick tangled in the telling

twisted down the road

tired ‘ere her finish

         ~ ~ ~


Smoke cloud mixers, Bud and whisky

guitar men coaxing dirt road tunes

while cocktail bribes and leering eyes

and two-step guys test her favor.

But it ain’t here I’ll be steppin’ cause

what’s in these pants don’t give a damn

so I’ll be heading home to do my dancing

to those bluesy moonlight rhythms of you.

              ~ ~ ~

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