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her story bare begun

quick tangled in the telling

twisted down the road

tired ‘ere her finish

         ~ ~ ~


click clack
click clack

river rising out my window
quick passes phones don’t ring and closed cafes
faster rumbles on trembling tracks
past rusty cranes and broken scaffolds
fucking thunder roaring in my head,

"Who will you be, why do you run, where will you go?"

click clack
click clack

happy porter staggers car to car
his stubby smoke-stained finger
prods and pokes me free of weary thoughts,
"Pleasant evening, your ticket, sir?"

"I haven’t one,
I’ll be off right here."

              ~ ~ ~


thunder misty

whisky moonlight

slow dancing liars

rainbows on the rocks


She rode the tracks

From San Francisco to Old EP

Reluctant went the while beside him.

She damned him and damned me,

And lo when came the final station

Twas her most damned of all.

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