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thunder misty

whisky moonlight

slow dancing liars

rainbows on the rocks


She rode the tracks

From San Francisco to Old EP

Reluctant went the while beside him.

She damned him and damned me,

And lo when came the final station

Twas her most damned of all.


that’s what it said
(In red not blue)
and from either side
of its bill
the birds had fed


The avenue beats a discordant symphony.

Street lamps circle dim around the moths.

Terriers strut tethered taut to widows’ wrists.

Teamsters haul their loads up to the docks.

Far off sirens race beneath an ash-filled sky.

Jane packs up her empty can and pleading signs,

Warms her suckling daughter at her breast

And wheels her stroller to the bridge.

                        ~ ~ ~

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