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thunder misty

whisky moonlight

slow dancing liars

rainbows on the rocks


She rode the tracks

From San Francisco to Old EP

Reluctant went the while beside him.

She damned him and damned me,

And lo when came the final station

Twas her most damned of all.


They buried him this day

And tomorrow was in the past

           ~ ~ ~


At least he is one will know the dawn

Unlike hapless dreamers retire ere come the moon.

He serves up another helping of his baseball

While Jane slumbers, worn tested of the day.

Him solitary posts indifferent sentry to her dreams,

Restless, yearning, weighs was it her intended,

Or would the night stay longer if ’twas Mary first

He held ‘midst golden daisies bloomed in meadow’s lush?

                     ~ ~ ~

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