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Homeward bound

Ash on ash

Phoenix doth not fly there

      ~ ~ ~


Artists self-ordained,

them their own fair critics

suck acclaim from their whores

applaud their dance

amidst blazing light

cast a center stage

awash in smoke and haze.

          ~ ~ ~


Morning charcoal wakes them with her silent fury.

Tawny finch and cardinal friends compete for crumbs.

Ceiling fan quiet still its dusty blades stalled up there.

Nature gentle whispers tender soothe the aged oak.

Rolling doors bang, slam and howl down at the tracks.

Them on motored rubber dare the signal cries out red.

Sirens scream like arrows pierce billows toward the smoke.

Angel five on her birthday skips merry off to school.

                         ~ ~ ~


She drew me
in her picture
in colors would not run.
I watched her eyes
atop her canvas and
though ’twas not for me to see
what she drew there,
’twas through her eyes
I knew the colors.
      ~ ~ ~
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