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blackness tumbles o’er horizon’s edge
fertile there where dawn lays low
breeze whispers spark her embers
blooms afire when stars retire
                 ~ ~ ~


would I have said them yesteryear

as my mind inclined me tell

for fair heart struck me then

but then a starlit child at this

let fear’s rush stay me

from the who I think I Am

       ~ ~ ~


I carved a path where once was none

let looming azure envelop me

refuge sought and taken there

and yearning peace,

I prayed ‘neath sunless mist

flew prickly o’er the trail

snaked ’round and down

where memories dead once buried me.


She drew me
in her picture
in colors would not run.
I watched her eyes
atop her canvas and
though ’twas not for me to see
what she drew there,
’twas through her eyes
I knew the colors.
      ~ ~ ~
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