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The season tries a different road.


Which way to wander?

Am I swayed unto the summer,

Coerced there by the fall?


Vanilla picket fence runs ’round where

daisy blooms paint verdant meadow

stirred them ‘neath a southern breeze blows fickle,

pokes and pelts a restless heart.


I pray of thee
invite me pause

there rest aside you

whilst I dwell in thine embrace,

try snare each moment ‘ere it flees

where hearts like rustling rivers whisper,

their gentle spring come-hithers beckon.


Let them not be lost unto the night

there where him of her his silence pleas,

“Give thine hand to soothe mine sorrow,

rub me clear of all regrets and faded recollects,

unlike youth long gone to live in yesterday?”


Tangled tether ties us to our hopes,

new season sows them, bloom today tomorrow’s seeds

in fertile bed where guiding light assures

No need no more to wander with our youth.


            ~ ~ ~

‘Ere Dawn



I sweat an angst of present blackness.

Ebony chokes tight against my hurried heart.

Thoughts bitter bubble up breathe putrid ash
And drain a molten cornucopia.


I beg a remedy quells all taint of fears.

Pray darkness light relentless shines the Truth of them,

Shudders, shakes and spits out all the lies they cannot hide.

I pray quick comes the roaring stillness tells the dawn survives.


~ ~ ~


Ebony light sings
lyrics lilt to
whispers dancing,
spaghetti straps thin
twisted, tangled up
tango on,
stoke the night.
~ ~ ~


I am of yesterday,

more the day before.

Ain’t that me there

buried in the rust?

    ~ ~ ~

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