Twas put before me


Who is it I am?

And given to wonder


Is it to matter?

I am not so much that.


Rather more this I think.

Trees and river and


All came there

With me, within me


Was there to see.

I’ve done it.


I’ve worked it out.

‘Tis plain to see.

At last

I am

what I am to be.


What Tangled Web

Breezes coddle feathers fly over ocean waves,

Psalms wrought her wings glide along old Polo’s route

‘Til tides not ebbed wrack the rocks at lighthouse gate

Comes her Knock



Still deludes, for yet yields not relentless night

A fool, has no deter comes seeking Ponce’s dream

And to snare, for selfish shadows eclipse her shine.


Black-turned moon returns her fear’s way home.



Each One Golden

Her moments here fleeting
I knew they were yet
I grasped at them each one
But failed to slow them
For they ran a pace too quick,
Their delay defied,
The final one the swiftest
Vanished, yet not beyond the heart.

In A Word

I love words.

Words like serendipity. The sound of it has a mystical quality. I first heard it when I heard the upbeat song, “Don’t Let the Rain Come Down.” It was sung by the The Serendipity Singers. Sometimes I just say serendipity out loud. It’s spiritual. It sounds good to me. Maybe if I say it often enough, good fortune will find me.

I like fortuitous. It makes me think of my rabbit’s foot. The one I lost when I was a boy. It was in the desert near my home. They built a Woolworths over the place where I lost it. The Woolworths is no longer. They went bankrupt some time back. They must not have found my rabbit’s foot.

Synchronicity has an intriguing sound to it. I got really familiar with this word when I read “The Celestine Prophecy,” a small book, by James Redfield. Since then, I do not readily dismiss chance occurrences as coincidences. I let them linger in my consciousness. I don’t want to miss their message.

I heard the word placid for the first

time in the 3rd grade. I don’t know why I remember it was 3rd grade; I just do. It sounded good. It says a lot without being noisy. Sometimes when I am anxious I think of it. It calms me, leaves me tranquil. Have you ever seen a picture postcard of Lake Placid, New York?

I like lavender. It has a softer feel for me than purple. Some words are good remedies for what ails you. When I have a stuffy nose, I think of lavender. When I hear it I think of spring and I smell crepe myrtle – even if it isn’t spring.

I like sub rosa, but I will not tell you why. (Some things must stay a secret).

I like the word affable. It sounds like laughable. It seems humorous to me. I think people who have a good sense of humor are affable. I like affable people. Who doesn’t?

I like to wander through the dictionary. When I wander, I wonder is there one life’s condition, one single feeling, one unique experience, one loyal act done for which there is not a single word that can say it exactly as we know or knew it?