How many days lost in sorrow
love’s hopes dwindled in tomorrows
shredded, ravaged in the gutters
spewed out, slurped up?

Damn the dog voracious
devoured us his youthful prey.

I Think This

At the core the common characteristic among us of such disparate views, diverse
cultures, and multitude of experiences, is our genius and the universal uniqueness of it.

What Tangled Web

Breezes coddle feathers fly over ocean waves,

Psalms wrought her wings glide along old Polo’s route

‘Til tides not ebbed wrack the rocks at lighthouse gate

Comes her Knock



Still deludes, for yet yields not relentless night

A fool, has no deter comes seeking Ponce’s dream

And to snare, for selfish shadows eclipse her shine.


Black-turned moon returns her fear’s way home.





Coarse his voice, manner gruff, carriage haughty,

Hands decade’s toil worn, cut, broken.

Dues overpaid yet sought no refund,

Accolades hard-earned never came,

And ’twas when no more he spoke

Then canard’s fodder, they would not mourn.



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