It was happenstance, the solitude welcome, come of a trying day, took me there at the precise moment You too had arrived. I was struck suddenly, overcome, a numinous sea wave drowned me with life, sprayed me rich of lilac spring, injected me a yearning throbs and seldom ebbs.

I am bellows for your breeze and immortal embers for your fire, singed at my edges, burning at my core . . . a white speck streaking through the cosmos . . . boundless evermore.

I abduct your gaze, to connect, to incite You, to beckon what deep flows plenty in the soul of You, to tap each warm drop drips of You, to dampen me, sprinkle me with your soul’s elixir, invite me probe, discover, take of You all the more.

And then by turn You see my eyes invite your touch of me, You affirm, give your lips to mine, whilst nourish my delight, so heighten still my desire of You.

Your head falls back; I am welcomed. Then comes your whisper tells me, “I am surrendered to any want of You”

~ ~ ~


Could I awaken ‘ere the fire at horizon’s verge,
and be silky-wrapped astride you,
and there for smitten of nocturnal reverie,
just bare a breath, know you warming,
feel assured by my touch of you
I am not risen from a dream?

          ~ ~ ~


thoughtful introspect

the road behind ~ pot-holed rut-worn wooden wheels
pot-holed roads ~ come this far ~ astride them wooden wheels

thoughtful circumspect

two wheels
zoom zoom
bump Bump

~ ~ ~ ~


now them roar

red light shadows

scurry ere the dawn

incite growling dogs

and rousting sparrows

race destined for a place

where if they could

they wouldn’t Be.

     ~ ~ ~

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