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The avenue beats a discordant symphony.

Street lamps circle dim around the moths.

Terriers strut tethered taut to widows’ wrists.

Teamsters haul their loads up to the docks.

Far off sirens race beneath an ash-filled sky.

Jane packs up her empty can and pleading signs,

Warms her suckling daughter at her breast

And wheels her stroller to the bridge.

                        ~ ~ ~


Charred bone and ashes

Ride buckled in the back seat

Bumpy road back home

         ~ ~ ~


Summer dashing
finding yesterday.
Yea, take it!

You may have it all,
its musty steam and
absent season breeze.

Ask an onion,
Hope is in the Fall.
       ~ ~ ~


Homeward bound

Ash on ash

Phoenix doth not fly there

      ~ ~ ~

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