Chance encounters scratch indelible on my mind
Pebbles unmoved by stream’s swift currents.




Coffee and wine martini in the middle the book and the ends no more to the riddle sustenance abounds for those come looking find someone who cares unlike she came to ensnare.

Muddy Water

She came there, called to say how she could not have done what she did, but for prejudices, they abound you know, was spared the ordeal . . . Injustice, forgiven nonetheless.


Stay Sunday

Sunday takes no urging, comes right in and tells her tales and thou beguiled while in her presence block her exit when she tries to go.


Mornings see him find his window, settle there to hone his view, stalks day’s early calm, muses silently, he has no voice, yet all so loud I hear him say, “With you I share the wonder of this day.”

4 Replies to “Pebbles”

  1. Visited not knowing what I would find, leaving now with a much more pleasant disposition than when I arrived.

  2. Before I clicked on the “photo” I had an idea what the “pebble” was about. So profound! I was touched emotionally.

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