I went there Tuesday morning, or it could have been Wednesday but the day is of no import as I was eager, riddled with anticipation.  It had been a month, maybe two our relationship tangled, broken, but her call the night before, she rushed me through it. I agreed, to what I don’t remember save those hints, damn nagging hints  of reconciliation.


But there at the terminal, it was all abuzz, people everywhere, lives intermingled, rushing.  She was late.  Was she coming at all?  Had my instincts been wrong?  I was lost wondering what passions the masses were carrying.  Did any of them feel what I was feeling?


The 9:10 pulled in on time and they jolted off toward the terminal,  one atop the other, ants in desperate search of bare a few drops of honey, scurrying here and there, packages tied to them and bundled up for the day was cold, the coldest on record I think they said but it was all no matter for she was not amongst them.

~ ~ ~

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