I could hear the train its whistle first faint from what direction not certain then a plaintive howl and more discernible and the dogs, the pack of them unstirred around the tracks and I wondered about it being said of them their superior senses, their hearing and then the howl again and the light on the big black iron machine bearing down made the place a fire and they scurried save the one was first surrounded by his brothers, paralyzed, lost in wonder why they left and the howl a rumbling thunder and the ground quaked and I turned away and the wheels locked, screeched and the tracks spewed the stench of molten steel and in a moment I looked back and the train was gone.

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  1. I don’t believe the dog to be injured, otherwise it would have hinted in the story of such, but I do believe he was deaf. Great story! You are an excellent writer, Jeff. Very descriptive.

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