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now them roar

red light shadows

scurry ere the dawn

incite growling dogs

and rousting sparrows

race destined for a place

where if they could

they wouldn’t Be.

     ~ ~ ~


Tis Sun untrue,
in two,
he done of heavy weary?

For light given to the rose,
does he one the more, the other
favor new born bloom, a sweeter fragrance
’stead thorny prick, a drop of blood? 

             ~ ~ ~


Whisky river
thoughts cascade
plunge against the rocks
splash misty vapors
feed a starlit fog
all meander, struggle wayward
groping for their way back home
              ~ ~ ~

Cut (short)

Was it stain intended, my pen lay against the parchment

Vitriol, incision screwed, filet heart bare, an open wound

Or saw teeth jagged, clawed and snagged against my hand,

Sliced thrice, what price, words precise, profundity avert?

                                ~ ~ ~

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