once done,
then undone
thou comes,
apart from Me.


Hear me O beleaguered soul,
By His grace do still you run
Fleeing quick from siren’s toll
Years hurried flee, not yet done?

Or perchance repentance told,
Poor deeds at last them now done true,
Around your neck, amulet polished gold,
Tell the faith in you He knew?

My memory calls, provokes me still,
That hazy night, came blurry sleep, I witnessed thee,
Ragged, midst corks, smoldering butts and bottled pills
Bed aground, cardboard feathers wrapped cast to lee.

For truth demanding and wanting soon,
Dawned a night alive, by ghostly sound
Beneath the chill of darkened moon
Lured me to the dead man’s ground.

There scribed unto the granite stone,
“I am here, been here years, but where go ye?”
And a murmur down beneath, gurgling, a moan,
“So oft the times you tread on me.”

Lo the time, the decades without retire
Endless searching yet nary appears account of you
To know not whether you be ash or you be fire
Though I confess to wonder:  would I write if I knew?

So now comes occasion to set all aside,
Only pay tribute to our wandering friend.
Raise high our foam-filled mugs of bubbling tide
Cheers, friend, I pray thee be free, no matter thy end:

May you survive as long as you want
And never want as long as you live
But alas if your life has found its last breath,
Hurry, come drink with us
When returned from your death!


One day walking hand-in-hand along the shore they discerned a bubbling up, albeit vague, nebulous, nevertheless an orenda it was that gave them pause, cause to feel they came together to make a difference in this place.

At the edge of the water, in the majesty of the sunset with her hand taken in his, a mutual stirring arose and by silent wonder their eyes were directed toward the heavens.

~ ~ ~


It was happenstance, the solitude welcome, come of a trying day, took me there at the precise moment You too had arrived. I was struck suddenly, overcome, a numinous sea wave drowned me with life, sprayed me rich of lilac spring, injected me a yearning throbs and seldom ebbs.

I am bellows for your breeze and immortal embers for your fire, singed at my edges, burning at my core . . . a white speck streaking through the cosmos . . . boundless evermore.

I abduct your gaze, to connect, to incite You, to beckon what deep flows plenty in the soul of You, to tap each warm drop drips of You, to dampen me, sprinkle me with your soul’s elixir, invite me probe, discover, take of You all the more.

And then by turn You see my eyes invite your touch of me, You affirm, give your lips to mine, whilst nourish my delight, so heighten still my desire of You.

Your head falls back; I am welcomed. Then comes your whisper tells me, “I am surrendered to any want of You”

~ ~ ~

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