now them roar

red light shadows

scurry ere the dawn

incite growling dogs

and rousting sparrows

race destined for a place

where if they could

they wouldn’t Be.

     ~ ~ ~


Tis Sun untrue,
in two,
he done of heavy weary?

For light given to the rose,
does he one the more, the other
favor new born bloom, a sweeter fragrance
’stead thorny prick, a drop of blood? 

             ~ ~ ~


he pounds the asphalt
I walk the woods
his hand chilled refutes You
my fingers weave warm ‘tween yours
his soul listens deaf to You
my heart sings full of You
he is thunder
I am rain

     ~ ~ ~


Whisky river
thoughts cascade
plunge against the rocks
splash misty vapors
feed a starlit fog
all meander, struggle wayward
groping for their way back home
              ~ ~ ~

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