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She took her comfort there

and gave it to her own

when lightning-streaked howling winds

on moonless nights

roared in to steal their sleep.

            ~ ~ ~


He wanders lost in the dim of the fading moon

Down steep stairs finds a door will not open,

‘I want out,’ he pleas despair to no avail,

Stomach knotted aches the turmoil he can’t tell

Save the one who has his heart if near will know,

Dispirited, wallows, laments, alas his presence is afar.

Ah free sparrow, how sweet your song.

                               ~ ~ ~


Bundled snug in withered wraps,

trembling hands and moon stained faces

turned stone defy night bitter frozen,

haunts them dare they flee.


Down, the toll piled
steadfast, high against them,

hero ghosts come say them stay


their candy cotton statues

‘midst emerald straws and

diamond sparkles tell the spring.

Cheer on!

caps turned out, rally beckon,

prayerful hands up high awaving,

begging hope and dreams waft eternal,

least ’til all them nine have played.
                  ~ ~ ~


  I wonder were I within you
  through your eyes see what e’er you see
  through your ears hear what e’er you hear
  by your touch feel what e’er you feel
  could I know the wonder you find in me?

~ ~ ~

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