He wanders lost in the dim of the fading moon

Down steep stairs finds a door will not open,

‘I want out,’ he pleas despair to no avail,

Stomach knotted aches the turmoil he can’t tell

Save the one who has his heart if near will know,

Dispirited, wallows, laments, alas his presence is afar.

Ah free sparrow, how sweet your song.

                               ~ ~ ~

12 Replies to “Yearning”

  1. Wow, Jeff. I am reminded of this version of Alice in Wonderland (it was Russian, I believe) of the clay man stuck in the small, square room. A sense of existential angst…or simply a plea to be seen; for a door to open and the other to see who you really are. So many interpretations. Lovely.

  2. Firstly, I really love the way your blog looks. Where you give words the utmost honor and nothing detracts from your poetry.

    As for your poem, it is a reminder, no matter how confined a human is, he yearns. For love. For a simple connection to the outside world. For the song of the sparrow.

  3. I think this captures that “on the brink of something” moment/period when a person knows there is someone out there, a destiny waiting for both – the sparrow ending is strong – would that there was a way to fly to someone, unshackle the unknown and find “the one right, true heart”. A fine poem. Thanks.

  4. the yearning is palpable in this… and esp. when we love someone and cannot get through to them it can make us feel caught.. tightly penned emotions in this..

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