Mostly Writing, Other Stuff Too

I’m Jeff. I’m a regular guy. I don’t mean I take a lot of Metamucil.

I mean I’m like a lot of people, like most of them maybe. I struggle to make a buck, struggle for respect, struggle to keep the car running, the roof from leaking, and the tax man from taking more than his share — and mine too.

I’ve learned a lot through struggles and experiences, life’s oysters. I’ve opened them all, discovered pearls in a few of them.

I have wisdom. When you’re older, you get to call your experiences that. And I get more each day; older and wiser. I am as old as I am wise. That means I won’t benefit from all the wisdom too long.

My views are ordinary, but views nevertheless. I’m not reluctant to express my views. I feel strongly about most of them. Mainly, my views are not main stream, at least not most of the time. That’s another thing I think. That’s a lot of thinking.

It is in my writing.

I don’t depend on Good Morning America to tell me what to do to live a long and healthy life. I’m quite capable of finding out myself. I rely on myself that way.

I don’t need Matt Lauer telling me how to deal with my depression, reminding me to get my prostate checked, and telling me to talk to my children more so they won’t do drugs.

Who is Matt Lauer anyway? How do I know he’s a decent father? How’s his prostrate? He looks like a pretty depressed fellow. He depresses me!

Some people tell me I’m a sensitive guy. I think that means they think I take things too seriously. Maybe that’s the way they see it. I think I feel things other people don’t. That’s another thing I think. I think if you’re sensitive, that means you’re in touch with people’s feelings. I think that’s a good thing.

I write about my likes and dislikes, about success, my pursuit of it. And to be sure I don’t run out of material, I write about my failures, too. There are things in the world that aren’t right. I mention them sometimes. Maybe I can change them. Maybe I can make a beginning. Shine a light.

I ‘m not sure what I’ll write about next, but I have new experiences every day. I watch and I listen. I keep my eyes open. Wide open.

My hearing is good. Very good. I try to hear the things people don’t say; I think that’s the important stuff.

I’ll write about those things, too.

Mainly, I’m just going to write, because I like it. Writing thrills me.

I’m not easily thrilled.

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