Weary hand finds eleven

Save her whisper,
“Closer, ’tis not so late

Let savage winter chill your raging doubts.”


Stoke fading ember emblazoned on it,


I am with you

With you now

And I will make you dream again.


30 Replies to “Ember”

  1. Jeff, you left a wonderful comment on my site, so I followed you back to yours to be gifted a beautiful poem whispered in my ears. Now that you have captivated me, I am off to read more of your words. Have a wonderful night.

  2. A sensitive moment of intimacy. Enjoy your writing, Jeff. Wanted to comment on “Why” as well but couldn’t figure out how. Loved it. Memories of those old typewriters and the pain of editing all those papers for University etc. Yikes.

    1. Thank you Victoria for looking at my site and for your kind comments.

      The typewriter was a gift when I was a boy. Someone saw something then . . . it took me a little longer to figure it out. Maybe you can relate?

  3. I enjoyed the gentle dream like flow to your writing, echoing the inevitable embrace of the hour before midnight, but at which point, it seems there is still time to dream, and to live a life with hope…these are my thoughts

    1. Kerry-ann,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Surely you find your insight a faithful companion.

      Please, wander back again.

    1. Doubts, never pleasant, seem diminished in recent winters. Inclement ‘weather’ is good for hardening the resolve.

      I appreciate your comments and hope this will not be your last stop here.

    1. Yours is an interesting interpretation and I’m happy you found a message in my poem.
      Thank you for stopping by and for taking time to leave your valuable comments.

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