What Tangled Web

Breezes coddle feathers fly over ocean waves,

Psalms wrought her wings glide along old Polo’s route

‘Til tides not ebbed wrack the rocks at lighthouse gate

Comes her Knock



Still deludes, for yet yields not relentless night

A fool, has no deter comes seeking Ponce’s dream

And to snare, for selfish shadows eclipse her shine.


Black-turned moon returns her fear’s way home.



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  1. Buenas noches Jeff, sonrisa…. Muchas gracias 4 stopping by my blog and viewing my Books poetry and 4 leaving such an amazing comment, sonrisa… I also want 2 say that ur work is brillant!!! You are awesomely Talented, and I greatly look 4wrd 2 reading mucho more mi amigo, sonrisa….

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