Gimpy gait he struts
solitaire without a shadow
rutted, rusted road snakes
weary ’round each bend.
Shifting shaky sand slips and slides.
His old feet fail,
fall faint upon it
stagger storm and strut
stones rock and pebbles pinch,
fault-filled gait crackles ‘neath each step
Pounding onward, pushing forward
Past the slights the past portends,
Potent danger
Daunting dares
Dante’s depth.

       ~ ~ ~

9 Replies to “Defiance”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. storm, pebbles, and crackles, I could feel the depth here even before we got to Dante’s. This is one of those poems I will bookmark and return to read and reread. I am curious about the sensations it brought about while I took it in line-for-line. really excellent poetry.

  2. Daunting dares
    Dante’s depth….it were all the allits and how they make it such a joy to read jump at me first..wanted to read it out loud just for the sound of it

  3. as i was reading this i thought about the song Desperado….a man on his own just trying to make his way…really cool alliteration in this as well…the shifting shaky sand line is slippery…ha…

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