First Take

It was aglow, her blonde hair, long, slowly flowing to ends tightly curled.

She wore jeans. Or so they were like jeans but a peach-pink blend, and their long pant legs barely clothed her ankles. And the multi-button-up front panel, so tightly fitted, did not mask her femininity.

Her long legs should have made her taller than she was. The style was of an earlier time but seemed strangely fitting for her.

She was oddly memorable. I guessed her to have a Norwegian ancestry.

Her skin was lighter than pale, except for the slightest ruddiness in the cheeks of her face, and a freckle here and there that you had to be up close to see.

Her nose was very slender and the bone that divided it gave it an abrupt upturn at the end. Her mouth was narrow, not often used for smiling and she had thin lips. There were the ocean-blue eyes.

She was not from here, not from these parts. A new etching in my mind’s gallery.

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