The Closer We Get

I hadn’t seen her again until she appeared in a dream in the fall about a year later. I didn’t think much about it for a few days. Then thoughts returned.  They lingered, a dull drumbeat on my memory.

I have lived things intuition tells me I dreamed before. Vague images jump to life in the light of day. Significant messages are lost on thoughtlessly discarded coincidences. These are lessons self-taught, validated by experience.

Impulsively, I messaged her, “How have you been doing,” with no reason to think anything would come of it.

But then so quickly, a reply: “It’s nice to hear from you.”

A spark.  Opportunity renewed. I asked her to lunch, she readily accepted, and we drank a couple of beers the next day.

She was even thinner than before. She wore more make-up too, but only enough to counter her naturally pale visage. The changes were subtle.  Still, I was struck by the difference.

When I fussed over her new looks, she gushed like a high-schooler finding pride in her freshly won acceptance. She explained she was working out regularly. The exercise was stimulating she said and she liked the extra energy. “I hope you’ll join me in a workout soon,” she suggested. “It will be good for you.”

I was pleased with her new-found assertiveness, but more flattered over her willingness to expose more of herself to me.  I was intrigued when I imagined what I might discover.   The images of mysteries uncovered that penetrated my mind delighted my senses.

Inside I felt a renewal,  stirrings at the prospects of what might come.

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  1. Jeff, this is a fascinating and most enjoyable literary blog. I haven’t seen any other quite like it. I look forward to visiting often. Your prose poetry is a pleasure to read.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your comments.

    1. Thank you David. I’m delighted you took the time to stop by.

      I’ve got your site bookmarked now and plan to be a regular visitor.

      I’m happy we crossed paths.


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