Murphy Here

Hear me, yea
By my voice, see me.
Come here year by year,
Ye know me Murphy.

Here now ‘appear’ before you
On this annual occasion,
To you, to say what follows:

I have thought often, lo many days
Pipe dreams and hopeful
Aspirations, of the time would come
When then I am redeemed.


I have heard these, your pleas:
“We beg your voice to hear,
Least a whisper or a clue
Assures us you are well.”


Fret not my friends, for
I am better well here
Then ever I could be
Whence yesterday you beckoned me.

Now I am changed, know
Me fulfilled as I’ve fulfilled,
More a righteous man
Than once you  knew.

By my bitter lessons learned,
His grace given unto you,
Affirmed a thousand times
Your faith in me.

So comes the time

The hour is old, and I attend
A different place,
But ‘ere I take my leave,
I raise my empty mug (only higher spirits permitted here)

“For keeping fond your memories of me,
Here’s to you (clink mugs)
I wish you Cheers and life be long
On this day,
My Happy Ronnie Murphy’s Birthday Day”

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